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Blu Grande Slate

Blu Grande Slate

1 Square foot

A Techo-Bloc classic, Blu Grande Slate is the biggest slab within the Blu collection. Although it shares its size and shape with its smooth and polished counterparts, this large slab’s texture is considered more appropriate for projects with a traditional feel. Truly versatile, Blu Grande can be paired with Blu 60, Valet, and Squadra to create eye-catching combinations in modular and custom patterns. Blending this product with the Blu Grande Smooth slab in the same color can also make for a subtle but charismatic hardscape.

Alone, this smooth slab looks great in linear and herringbone motifs laid across large pedestrian areas. Its large size makes it a great pedestal or rooftop patio slab, while its natural stone texture gives it an anti-slip advantage around pools and water areas. Blu Grande Slate is de-icing salt resistant, and its HD2 finish makes it hard to stain and easy to clean, a must-have for projects with heavy foot traffic, where dirt and spills are common. 

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